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Find out just why it’s called “the city of gold”, and enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the Persian Gulf

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Gayita Tours Worldwide provides Dubai Visas & Services including Tourist Visa UAE, Dubai visit visa, Dubai transit visa, Visas to go to all other countries in the world & Services and all kinds of tourism activities in Dubai, ranging from visas, hotel bookings, transfers and various types of Dubai tours. Our Dubai Visas & Services combine the right blend of efficiency, pace and accuracy to make your experience convenient and hassle free.

From the exalted Burj Khalifa to the acrid aroma of the spices of the souks, Dubai has undying love for mesmerizing skylines too. Dubai is one of the most favorites travel destinations, embodying cultural diversity in the form of art, music, fashion and cuisine. Dubai is home to some of the most exemplary attractions such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai creek & Al Seef district, Jumeirah Mosque, Deira, Desert Safari, and Man- made marina, Bastakia (Old Dubai) and shopping mall. There are extravagant shopping centers and malls to calm down your shopping neurons.

The setting of each hotel in the UAE is according to its location, which will give a feel of the area that you are staying in even if it is just relaxing in your room. The level of luxury of hotels in the UAE is not comparable to anywhere else in the world as customer satisfaction is a must for the hotel staff. This will make it much easier to book a hotel in any location that is desired, depending on the type of holiday that would like to be spent in the U.A.E as the services and facilities provided in hotels differ from each other. Being given the option of different price ranges, hotel stars & number of visitors, complete control will be given over which hotel would like to be booked for a spectacular holiday in the U.A.E.

Deira, Desert Safari, and Man- made marina, Bastakia (Old Dubai) and shopping mall. There are extravagant shopping centers and malls to calm down your shopping neurons. You must try thrilling activities like speed boat tour, Seaplane fight, Cruise tour and unwind yourself at Zabeel Park. Hub for famous theme parks, Dubai is one travel haven every tourist must explore at least once. Experience Dubai with our brilliantly designed Dubai Holiday Packages.

Just Click the Plane and we can help you with Flight reservations throughout the UAE and other exciting destinations.

If it’s fun you’re after, it’s fun you are going to get. Explore the TA music scene & find out what it’s all about.

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Gayita Tours

We are an African owned company, specializing in the needs of the African community that wish to come to the UAE, whether you are interested in finding a job in the UAE or interested in visiting as a tourist we can help you get your VISA paperwork done quickly and get you on the path to a wonderful stay. Throughout our years of experience, we have successfully served a variety of mainstream, niche, and VIP clientele and have remained at the top of our field by continuously evolving and adapting to customer needs and changing market conditions. In order to provide consistently faster, more efficient and personalized services to all customers, we actively innovate our technology and practice to meet industry standards


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